First Lesson Is Free

  We understand your inconvenience and ability to pay for classes and will give you the best price.

  We believe that in your busy and active life instead of more bother and difficulties piano lessons will give you enjoyment and relaxation. 

For payment and lesson price please contact us.


Classes take place once or twice a week. 


Recommended lesson time based on age. Adjustments are available:

  • 3-8 years old 30 minutes each lesson
  • 8-15 years old 45 minutes each lesson
  • 15 years and older 60 minutes each lesson


Recommended daily practicing to achieve great results. We will be happy to learn students practice more:

  • 3-8 years old 15minutes/day
  • 9-15 years old 30minutes/day
  • 15 years and older 40minutes/day

Important notice:

  • Students are allowed to cancel the class 24hours before the lesson. Otherwise, they are required to pay for the lesson. 
  • In case of timely cancelation students are permitted to have a make-up lesson during the same week another day/time to cover the lesson the missed.


  • Students required to have a piano or a keyboard to practice. (Brand, size may vary depending from level of the student. Details are discussed during the first lesson).
  • Students required to purchase books recommended by the teacher. Additional copies will be handed by a teacher during lesson. (Details are discussed during first lesson)
  • Students are recommended to be on time to have full lesson time available for them.
  • In case of student being late, additional time will not be added.
  • If teacher travels to student's place and is late (traffic), she will be required to have full lesson covering 30m, 45m or 60m depending from agreement.











Phone numbers:

1 (747) 273 3604

1 (747) 400 7239


Locations served:

Southern Los Angeles (Glendale, Pasadena, Downtown) CA


Northern Los Angleles (Palmdale, Lancaster) CA

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