"Let's Play and Have Fun"

    It's important to make beginner's piano lessons enjoyable, especially for children. Interesting fact is children are able to learn the "alphabet" of their own language even before going to school for the first time. With that said, they are able to learn reading the notes and alphabet of the music easily.  

     Making piano lesson fun and a happy time for kids is very important for us. Since all children are very different in their attitude and behavior, we believe that they need help from a friend instead of a punishment from a teacher. As a result, when classes become a game for children it brings a joy and  help them to study music. Practicing for 10-15 minutes a day is enough for children to keep their mind fit and fresh. Moreover, having knowledge in music will help them to study other materials easier. Studies show, that children who learn music become more organized, skilled and self confident. 



The Program is based on:

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Hand and finger position, posture
  • Sight reading, playing with notes, counting, playing hands apart and together
  • Studying music literature and theory (sharp, flat, scales, rhythm, time signature, chords etc)
  • Practicing ear training
  • Developing technique for fingers
  • Playing different classical compositions, learning them memorized
  • Practicing pieces different in style desired by the student
  • Participating in annual recitals/concerts
  • Enjoying and having fun











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Locations served:

Southern Los Angeles (Glendale, Pasadena, Downtown) CA


Northern Los Angleles (Palmdale, Lancaster) CA

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